Squirrels are one of my favorites

I love squirrels. Watching them makes me happy.
Tonight I discovered that sometimes experiments work. I tend to overthink watercolor paintings but I decided just to relax about it. It only took me about 25 minutes. I’m happy with the results. Maybe I will paint another little creature tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. so cute! The squirrel I call George frequents our feeder and after he’s eaten all the sunflower seeds on the ground, he shimmies up the pole and dangles by his back paws as he shoves his face into the feeder. Either that, or he tries to get the top off. Guess he didn’t notice when I inadvertently left the seed outside or the bag would be empty right now. Your watercolor is adorable!


    • Thank you! Aren’t they funny creatures? My kids and I love to watch their antics. If you need something cheery to look at online go to pinterest and type in squirrels. Such funny pics.


      • George was at it again today — literally swings from his back paws and helps himself to the sunflower seeds. One of these days I swear I’ll wake up and find he somehow got the lid off and fell in. Adorable aren’t they?


      • Oh my goodness yes. My husband can make anything in metal, sometime I will have to show you a picture of one of his squirrel feeders, they have to be very acrobatic to get the corn. It’s hilarious.


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