Whoops! and a pyrography piece.

I woke up this morning, had a cup of coffee, and decided that what I wanted to draw today was cutesy coffee cups. I went downstairs and got my 12×18 inch ($18) pad of water color paper and proceeded to draw the cups in with pencil. To my eye they looked right, and straight and ready for ink. I made 3. Took a photograph for this blog and saw my error. They aren’t straight. BOO.
That mistake cost approximately $1.50. Sorry folks I’m just another cheap Michigander. You can bet when I redo this I will be checking my work a little closer. Most likely I will draw them on grid paper first and then transfer them onto the watercolor paper.
The woodburned slab of basswood I started on Saturday night. It’s a work in progress. My friend came up with this idea, and I liked the idea of drawing a crescent moon. Thanks for stopping by.IMG_2000

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