Today’s drawing is brought to you by the letters C and D

C for coffee.  D for dog.

So my coffee got cold when I was drawing this today.  My nerves got a little frayed as my kids made stacks of ritz bitz sandwiches and yelled, “zowie”, and “open your mouth and close your eyes and I will give you a big surprise”, and “sta-hop bugging me….”  but you know it’s just another day around here.  My hand also got a little tired, as a coffee mug can get surprisingly heavy when you are trying to hold it up and draw it.

I don’t actually have a mug with my dog’s photo on it but I wish I did.  So this is a drawing of my dream mug with my English setter Ferguson on it.  Ferguson, is the most loving, filthy, drooley, animal, but he’s the best and he’s my baby.  If you’re looking for a gentle family pet, and have lots of running room an English setter is what you need.   Perhaps, tomorrow I will draw a mug with my little eskimo dog, Roxie on it.  Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


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